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My Best Posts of 2015

I kinda missed the boat a little bit by not doing this last month or earlier this month. Here are the Top 3 Posts from Shiny Red Button Media from 2015. Better late than never I suppose. 1. A Trump Presidency Race relations will go down the toilet. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Trump’s “Make America Great […]

Non-Sports Watchers Have No Soul

I Don’t Watch Spectator Sports: Don’t Be That Guy The more I think about it, “I don’t watch sports” is the new “I don’t watch TV” of the 21st century. I am inherently mistrustful of people who don’t watch sports. Look, I’m not saying that people have to worship sweaty men in uniform or live […]

Why I Hate “That Guy”

On That Guy I hate “That Guy.” Many people conjure up many different images when “That Guy,” comes to mind. Now don’t get me wrong, That Guy can be a woman as well too. But “That Guy” is a stand in for a certain type of individual. You know who I’m talking about. If you […]

Aaron Hernandez and Thuggery

In case you haven’t heard about the whole Aaron Hernandez thing, check it out. Hernandez was a former NFL Tight End who basically threw away his entire career and most importantly, his freedom. And too bad too. The thing that gets me most about this ordeal is that he is practically my age. He played […]