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I’m Now with Her: Thank You Bernie for Moving Hillary to the Left

Thank you Senator Sanders for running for the behalf of the common man and woman. For daring to advocate Social-Democratic ideals and stronger safety nets in our rugged individualistic society. Many skeptics wrote him off as a fringe candidate that was going to fade away quickly. Or said he was a grumpy, impractical, overly idealistic […]

Why I supported Sanders’ Social-Democratic Ideals

Look, I am an unabashed Millennial. I was born in 89. I loved my PS1 videogames and wrestling games like any young boy did back in the 90’s. I was lucky to have grown up during the roaring 90’s during booming economy and culture of the 90’s.  I loved the children’s cartoons of the time […]

Team Red vs Team Blue

Late to the party, but I have to get my opinion of this movie out there. “American Sniper” sure seems to be hitting people hard (no pun intended) both on the left and right in the US. People on the right love the movie. Folks on the Left are attacking the alleged movie’s pro-war bias and […]

The Best of 2013

The Best of 2013 Shiny Red Button Media’s Finest: Here are my top 10 favorite Posts that I’ve written this year. In Between egg-nog and copious amounts of alcohol to survive the Christmas dinner with family, here are some gems to feast on in between all that. 10. If I were the President: “The thing […]

Manufactured Outrage

Lone Homeland Security employee getting paid on government teat has a few screws loose? “NOT ON MY TAX PAYER DOLLARS, IT’S THOSE DAMN LIBERALS THAT are tanking the country!1one!” The Obama family has a second dog, and most presidents only have one pet? “That glutton is wasting dough on my dime!!” Sandra Fluke has strong […]

Why Ad Hominem Attacks Work

Who doesn’t like a good debate? Between friends, acquaintances, family members, or even co-workers depending on your job. Often times you will agree with those closest to you, but a lot of times, there will be areas where you split. There’s nothing obviously wrong with having different opinions from people. Different opinions and unique life […]

Your Thoughts End Where My Feelings Begin

I saw this picture on Joe Rogan’s Facebook fan page. Joe Rogan is a lot smarter than people give him credit for being. I see a lot of brouhaha about things that offend people, like Rick Ross’ lyrics or opposing political opinions. I consider myself a indiscriminate reader. I read a lot of different blogs […]

Retired Police Officer Peter Christ Nails it on Drug Reform

I saw this on Upworthy the other day. This has to be the clearest and most well-spoken argument for scrapping the drug war that I’ve ever heard. Happy Friday.