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I’m Now with Her: Thank You Bernie for Moving Hillary to the Left

Thank you Senator Sanders for running for the behalf of the common man and woman. For daring to advocate Social-Democratic ideals and stronger safety nets in our rugged individualistic society. Many skeptics wrote him off as a fringe candidate that was going to fade away quickly. Or said he was a grumpy, impractical, overly idealistic […]

Why I supported Sanders’ Social-Democratic Ideals

Look, I am an unabashed Millennial. I was born in 89. I loved my PS1 videogames and wrestling games like any young boy did back in the 90’s. I was lucky to have grown up during the roaring 90’s during booming economy and culture of the 90’s.  I loved the children’s cartoons of the time […]

A Look into an 80’s 7-Eleven

A Florida 7-Eleven circa 1987 Take a look at the video posted above. This all took place in an Orlando, Florida 7-Eleven. We have what appears to be a very charismatic and infectiously high spirited cameraman shooting the shit with customers and workers at a 7-eleven. Something like this couldn’t happen today.  Here in the video […]

Our Sensationalistic American Media Problem

If you did not read the first and second part of the post, please do so. The second part dealt with a few proposed solutions that I proposed to curbing school shooting and mass murders. This is the final part in which I wrap up the piece. The final piece of the puzzle in all […]

Why Zoolander Was the Last Nineties Film

Why Zoolander Was the Last Nineties Film

Consider this the part 3, and finale of the Nostalgia Factor series. Zoolander was one of the best movie of the aughts. Dare I say it, it was the last nineties film. Quite a bold claim eh? But not for the reasons that you would think. Like The Big Lebowski’s ‘pissed-on rug’ was able to […]

The DIY Generation

Consider this Part 2 of my In Defense of Millennials series. Kids these days are so goddamn lazy and ignorant. They don’t even know how to change a tire. They can’t read a fucking map without their damn smartphones. They can’t balance a check book, and they always call handymen for basic home repairs. They’re useless, […]

The Nostalgia Factor: Part 2

In case you missed part one, feel free to refer back to it. So where we last left off, we paid a bit of homage to many of the folks that made the Millienials nostalgia possible. The 90’s was a time before 9/11 and two terms of Bush. And the whole  “then terrorist will win” propaganda. […]

The Nostalgia Factor: Part 1

If she watched Toy Story on Blu-Ray, she’s too young for you bro! If TLC is just a channel to her, she’s too young for you bro! If she didn’t remember why the Stoop Kid was afraid to leave his stoop, she’s too young for you bro! If she doesn’t know who likes orange soda, […]

Solid Advice from Robert Greene

Reddit, in case you’re not familiar with it, is a social media website that has most a good amount of the internet’s, cats, memes, and interesting debates. Most of these things can be found in subsections of the website that Reddit calls ‘Sub-Reddits’