Random Rantings and Thoughts

Refuting Bernie Naysayers

Credit where credit is due. Robert Reich perfectly refutes Bernie naysayers better than I ever could. Thought this would be appropriate since Super Tuesday is tomorrow. Enjoy!  

On Opposing Views

All too often, it seems to be the case that people are favoring echo-chambers and safe spaces more and more, instead of having their views tested. No matter which ideology you support, surrounding yourself with echo-chambers and safe spaces that only support your views will highly stunt your growth and thinking. Nowadays, people seem to only […]

Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings As one of my best friends told me as a fellow writer “Kill Your Darlings.” The exact origin of the phrase is said to have come from William Faulkner, but it has become an axiom that I have increasingly found myself following. What does this mean in the literary sense? To me, it […]

Non-Sports Watchers Have No Soul

I Don’t Watch Spectator Sports: Don’t Be That Guy The more I think about it, “I don’t watch sports” is the new “I don’t watch TV” of the 21st century. I am inherently mistrustful of people who don’t watch sports. Look, I’m not saying that people have to worship sweaty men in uniform or live […]

A Look into an 80’s 7-Eleven

A Florida 7-Eleven circa 1987 Take a look at the video posted above. This all took place in an Orlando, Florida 7-Eleven. We have what appears to be a very charismatic and infectiously high spirited cameraman shooting the shit with customers and workers at a 7-eleven. Something like this couldn’t happen today.  Here in the video […]

The Importance of Community

This article by the New York Post has been making rounds on the internet lately. I just thought I would weigh in on this topic and give my thoughts on it. Family Support Systems Are Important Full disclosure: I came from an African immigrant background. My parents immigrated here, but I was born in the […]

On Hate Watching Media

As I’ve mentioned before, I am pretty indiscriminate reader and media consumer. This does not mean that I am gullible and naive enough to believe everything and not question things. I’ve always prided myself on always questioning authority and paradigms since a very young age. But I’ve been in on a phenomena I’m sure a […]

Why Zoolander Was the Last Nineties Film

Why Zoolander Was the Last Nineties Film

Consider this the part 3, and finale of the Nostalgia Factor series. Zoolander was one of the best movie of the aughts. Dare I say it, it was the last nineties film. Quite a bold claim eh? But not for the reasons that you would think. Like The Big Lebowski’s ‘pissed-on rug’ was able to […]

The Kanye West Principle

The Kanye West Principle

Richard Sherman, the man, the myth, the legend. A prolific cornerback who was crucial to the Seahawks Championship run. (Currently wishing him a speedy recovery) At first I found him to be a pompous douche. Especially when the Seahawks defeated my Patriots in 2012. And because of my frivolously held animosity towards his character, I […]

Anecdotal Fallacy and Conversation Killers

Look, I’m not someone that’s afraid of ambiguity and nuance. I’ve been a lurker of the internet for quite sometime, closing in on well over a decade and a half. I know all about the major internet fallacies that come with the culture of the web. But sometimes I can’t help but be frustrated by […]