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I’m Now with Her: Thank You Bernie for Moving Hillary to the Left

Thank you Senator Sanders for running for the behalf of the common man and woman. For daring to advocate Social-Democratic ideals and stronger safety nets in our rugged individualistic society.

Many skeptics wrote him off as a fringe candidate that was going to fade away quickly. Or said he was a grumpy, impractical, overly idealistic pie-in-the sky type guy. He claimed that the press that he received from the media was biased and rigged, which in light of recent news, he is quickly being vindicated for.

So much rancor has been made about him staying in the race after losing California by “double digits.” Saying that he was broken record, and that his continual presence in the race was not only greedy and bitter, but giving Trump ammunition to win the election.

Comments and articles in the past few weeks have been calling him to leave for the sake of defeating Trump. That it was incumbent upon Sanders to do what was good for the Democratic Party and step out of the race to support Hillary.

But the fact of the matter is, as Sanders once said, it was not about him, It was about us. Sanders knew for several months that he was mathethatically out of the race. He awaked over 12 million people and showed that Social-Democratic ideals in a right of center country like the United States had more support that anyone ever thought.  He brought hope to millions and revived the notion, that Government, if given firm boundaries, can be a force of good towards building infrastructure, providing jobs and public goods like universal healthcare and tuition and low cost college.

Even if he was reaching in fully advocating abolishing TPP at least he listened to blue collar workers and the needs of those which have been economically ignored by neoliberal, deregulation-happy discourse.  Voters that could be brought back into the fold after years of derision with the Democratic Party. Although Neoliberalism was the solution for the America of the 20th Century for America to stay on top of its game, we’re going to need to implement Social-Democratic economic reforms and provide basic rights like universal health care, tuition free higher education, paid leave for both parents, and infrastructure investment. Yes, even in as big of a country as the United States.

His continued pressure put strain on Hillary to push her further to the left on issues that are important to progressives as well as the kids of future. He kept her honest on regulating Wall Street, pushing harder on health care and tuition free college for certain incomes.  America can continue to keep itself on top by borrowing what has worked so well in other westernized nations and enhancing our free and hardworking society, while providing a healthy safety net.

For those of you Sanders supporters that wrote him off and are now rejoicing at his hard earned victories in the DNC platform towards health care, Higher Education and Wall Street and are now acting like you supported him the entire time, listen and listen good!

He pushed for all these improvements despite your derision and hostility. Despite your moaning and “regret” for having voting for him. The Democratic Platform has made some notable concessions to progressives and the middle class alike. The folks that didn’t trust the process and insulting Sanders for his bitterness and failure to fall in line make me ill. To add a sports reference to this, as Proud Boston Sports fan, you’re like the people who shut off the television or walked out the in Middle of the 2015 AFC Divisional round, when the Patriots were behind the Ravens, but came back in a stunning fashion to win the game and become the eventual Super Bowl champs and rejoiced after the Super Bowl like you had their back the entire time. If you couldn’t handle the process at its worse, you don’t deserve the fruits of that process even through you will now benefit anyway from the results.

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