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Media Bias Will Always Exist

media bias

All media has bias. There. I said it. And I stand by it. I have a bias. You have a bias. We all do. There are no special snowflakes in this, and don’t think you’re above it.

I don’t honestly think that there are many truly unbiased publications out there. Humans, by enlarge are emotional, animated creatures with a wide range of possible emotions. As a writer, I have a voice and background that is always instinctively coming through my writing. We all do as writers. A writer’s voice signifies a person’s work and makes it truly their own. And with enough writers in a unified publication, you’re eventually always going to have bias.

Despite people’s emotions and predictions shining through the media, there are always ways of holding our biases accountable. Whether it’s reading and watching opposing views, simply being aware of our biases or seeking sources that have a certain level of self-awareness that allows them to temper their bias to a certain degree. There’s so much to be said about the current echo chambers that people surround themselves with. If we’re going to have a certain set of views, let’s make sure they hold up to scrutiny by researching and understanding our opponents before we reach a conclusion.

Sites like NPR, Washington Post (they lean left, but invite conservatives to write for them), Reuters, PBS NewsHour, The Christian Science Monitor (Don’t let the name fool you, they are famous for their lack of bias), seem to fit the bill as websites that are adept at tempering their biases and giving it straight to the best of their abilities.

Run from sites that insist on resorting towards using ad-hominem attacks to attack ideological opponents. Sites that can’t prove their points with facts and logic are not worth their salt.

If you take nothing else out of this, please keep this in mind: Having true knowledge and awareness of our biases is half the battle towards becoming informed and discerning citizens.

And BTW, Happy New Year!!

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