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On Opposing Views

All too often, it seems to be the case that people are favoring echo-chambers and safe spaces more and more, instead of having their views tested. No matter which ideology you support, surrounding yourself with echo-chambers and safe spaces that only support your views will highly stunt your growth and thinking.



Nowadays, people seem to only surround themselves around people that jerk and validate their existing viewpoints.

The reason this is so problematic is because we shut our minds down from seeking to understand one another. It is as if seeking to understand has become a lost art in this day and age. Instead of trying to understand each other and figure out why one person may perceive specific things a certain way, we shut them down or mute them because they throw us out of our comfort zone. For example, you see this  when people unfollow people they don’t agree with. Or worse than that, they unfollow people that follow individuals who sport views they don’t agree with. Immediately jumping to judgment on a person’s whole persona based on superficial indicators on their social media account.


I’m not completely immune to doing this. I have done it on occasion to negative people posting things about “Those Damn Liberals,” “Those Damn Illegals,” or folks who are a bit to excited about Donald Trump. But ultimately, I continue to follow and consciously seek out opposing viewpoints from the right to challenge and strengthen my views. I like having airtight knowledge and evidence when articulating my points as opposed to resorting to ad-hominems to shut down voices I don’t agree with. A gaping flaw I see done too often with modern publications. Gawker Media being one of the most notorious offenders of ad-hominem foolery.

Avoiding circlejerks may improve you as a person. Who knew...

Avoiding circlejerks may improve you as a person. Who knew…

At the end of the day, viewpoints and arguments must be shared and exposed to see if they stand up to scrutiny. We may have the best ideas in our heads for why we support certain policies and ideals, but if we just surround ourselves with people who agree with us, one can’t really grow and crystallize their thoughts. There’s a much larger world out there than our individual echo-chambers.



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