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A Trump Presidency

What if Trump Won?

What exactly would happen if Trump got elected? What if the F**k the establishment candidate actually pulled through?

A few quick thoughts…

aka Make America "White" again.

AKA Make America “White” Again.

Race relations will go down the toilet. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Trump’s “Make America Great Again” mantra really means “Make America White Again.” The legacy of white supremacy will be allowed free rein to continue. The white nationalists will get what they want in getting rid of brown and black people that they don’t like.

build a wall

Hell, he has already been complicit in failing to call out and tolerating ignorance. If Trump can’t even be bothered to tell folks that President Obama isn’t a Muslim, then he sure as hell won’t be bothered to help improve and eradicate discrimination of minorities. He indulges in dog whistle code words instead of fighting them.

If bombastic Trump can even get congress to go with his zany ideas, expect some more useless wars. Expect some pissing matches with Putin that will leave America with a worse global standing. Wars based on armchair analysis of political pundits instead of earnest studying of the world’s geopolitics. So much for being “so good at the military that your head(s) will spin.

There is one tiny silver lining. His tax plan isn’t half bad. Many folks would save a hell of a lot of money from his 1, 5, 10, 15 plan. His plan even checks out according to legitimate sources. But to run a country and fund services, the money needs to come from somewhere. I predict that a lot of people (me included) would benefit for all of one and half years from this huge tax break. Then the economy will soon tank as there ultimately won’t be enough cash flow to keep essential beneficial social programs running.

In short, Trump will perpetuate coded racist and discriminatory policies that will hurt the country a lot in the long run. Don’t let his somewhat sound tax plan fool you. America will pay dearly with him at the helm.

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