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Two Years of Shiny Red Button Media

Over the past few years, I have written close to 60 posts spanning various topics and genres. And hope to open the playbook and write about quite a bit more things. Alas, I have been plugging away at this site for two years! It’s crazy how fast time flies. I have grown a lot as a writer since I first started this blog. In fact, I’d even say that looking at some of my earlier posts make me cringe a little bit. This is part of why you’re going to predominantly see more recent posts represented in this list.

Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Posts that I have written in the past two years:

5. A Review on Women by Charles Bukowski: Debut Post of the website, way back in April 2013.

4. Why I Can’t Fully Support America’s Right Wing: “Although I am merely 25 years old, and barely on the wrong side of twenty, I find that my views having gotten more conservative with age. But I still consider myself a secular left of center person that sees the value and point of tradition and organized religion. But all to often I see the members of the right demonizing potential minority voters with ratchet ideas like Voter ID, and putting off potential minority voters, no matter how hard they work and how much many minorities and immigrants pay their fair share and then some. At the end of the day, the Republican Party wants the good old days of life imitating a Norman Rockwell painting.”

3. The Kanye West Principle: “Perhaps unabashedly believing in yourself and strutting your stuff can be a powerful means to an end towards making it and thriving in the world of arts, sports and entertainment. Something I’d like to call ‘The Kanye West Principle’ after another similarly prolific and controversial figure. Hear me out….”

2. Kill Your Darlings: “As one of my best friends told me as a fellow writer “Kill Your Darlings.” The exact origin of the phrase is said to have come from William Faulkner, but it has become an axiom that I have increasingly found myself following.”

1. Ways to Prevent School Shootings: “Mental health is an often ignored issue in our country. A lot of these outbursts wouldn’t happen if we didn’t allow these guys to fall through the cracks. America being the individualistic society that it is unsurprisingly has a lot of people falling through the cracks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that such tragedies are more rare in more collectivist and community oriented nations.”


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