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Non-Sports Watchers Have No Soul

I Don’t Watch Spectator Sports: Don’t Be That Guy

The more I think about it, “I don’t watch sports” is the new “I don’t watch TV” of the 21st century.

I am inherently mistrustful of people who don’t watch sports.

Look, I’m not saying that people have to worship sweaty men in uniform or live vicariously through them. Watching sports isn’t necessary the pathway towards Basic Broness or Basic Bitchiness. But, in conjunction with constructive hobbies, watching sports can be a great way to unwind and bond with others.

I love cheering for my New England Patriots and dully so as they are playing in the Superbowl this Sunday. As a life long New Englander, New England Sports hold a special place in my heart as I see it as something that brings people of various races and socioeconomic classes casting aside their differences and cheering for a common entity. I have mentioned before that I am a young man who has been lucky to have grown up in one of the most prosperous times for Boston Sports.

Let’s face it. It’s a divisive world out there. Partisanship in the US has soared to ungodly heights. Unless you’re completely tone-deaf to the recent events of the Mike Brown shootings, immigration, voter ID, and other hot button issues, chances are that you are surrounded by people who have various conflicting opinions about this matter.

These opinions can divide workplaces, neighbors, and other communities both offline and online. All too often, people find themselves calling the President a “Kenyan-Muslim” as a pejorative to “other” or degrade him.

Watching a favorite team or discussing a play over the water cooler is a great escape from the divisions we have about political, personal convictions, family values and looking out for ours and our own.

It’s great to be able to put my left of center views behind and focus on the human chess pieces that compete fiercely for victory. And most importantly, it allow us to focus on how we have more in common as a community and as individuals.

So folks, when we’re sitting down cheering for the teams playing, whether we are fans of them or not, let’s just take a couple hours of our time to enjoy great feats of athleticism, strategy, and cohesive units working to give it everything they’ve got in sunny Arizona. Let’s give ourselves a quick reprieve of what divides us, and enjoy the commercials, Katy Perry’s dashing looks at half time, and those unforgettable Budweiser Clydesdales.

So folks, don’t be a buzz kill. Or a snarky contrarian.  Enjoy the spectacles. Even if you’re only watching the commercials. We all have something we can gain from one of the most watched events on the planet each year.

Go Patriots!


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