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The Next Chapter of Turning Pro in 2015

turning pro

Turning Pro in 2015

In the book review of “Turning Pro,” I wrote in-depth about the importance of cultivating passion in life. Pressfield’s book taught me a lot about the importance of passion and cultivating that fighting spirit towards bettering myself as a writer, entrepreneur and a man. Although I’m still relevantly young to a lot of people at 25 years old, I can say with full confidence that this is the year that I’ve learned that I’m not quite invincible, and that I am in fact vulnerable to the wears and tears of life.

Becoming a More Credible Writer

One of my goals this year is to actually grow as a writer. I want to continue to take my art seriously through reading and learning from the best, and putting myself forward and practicing my craft to the best of my ability. The thing that I am striving most for this year is credibility.

It’s one thing to wax poetic about being an artist. It’s another thing to actually have the integrity and put in the work that is needed to be a creditable writer.

Writing isn’t just making a long and lofty Goodreads list, but it is actually putting in the work, reading the books, and learning from the best to perfect my own voice. It also isn’t dick riding my favorite writers and journalists on Twitter without fully reading and taking in their work.

I want 2015 to be the year that I fully walk the walk. Expect to see me post more frequently and add my new upcoming passion project into the mix.

I am ready for the next chapter in my life of Turning Pro.

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