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School Shootings: The Usual Suspects

Do You Remember Where You Were During the Columbine School Shootings?


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Do you remember where you where during the sorrowful day of the Columbine school shootings? As for me, I was a typical 10 year old enjoying my April Patriots Week vacation (Massholes know this time of year all too well) and playing WWF Warzone on my PS1. And watching Carson Daly hosting TRL and seeing Korn’s Freak on Leash or some other Nu-metal variant take the top spot almost every day. But when the local news interrupted the regularly scheduled programs to report on the shootings, I was very aghast, bewildered and worried. It wasn’t in my reality that something so heinous could take place and shock the whole country at its roots. Much like 9-11 two years later, I found myself glued to the news that entire dreadful April Afternoon.

school shootings


School Shootings: The Usual Suspects

School shootings. And shootings in general. They are all over the news these days. Guns have been around since our countries history, but school shootings have only really been a more recent phenomena in our history.

And this isn’t particularly as widespread in other nations. Our Canadian neighbors to the north love their guns as well too, yet we rarely seem to see these same incidences occurring there. So what gives?

April for the past decade and half has not been a kind month for the United States. We recently had another massacre with the Pittsburgh stabbings. It has been 15 years since the events of Columbine. And the first anniversary of the devastating Boston Bombings, which happened in my own home state. As a proud Massachusetts resident, my respect goes out to all the runners who got back out there to compete and refused to let those cowards shake their spirits and ambition towards their amazing feats of athleticism.

school shootings

There has been an increase the amount literature and research written about school shootings in the past few years. Some of which I am looking to read in the future. A lot of these shootings look like they can be boiled down to a few things. It’s almost formulaic how it all happens and unfolds. And the type of people that choose to do them.

A common pattern of the school shootings seem to be brainchild’s of loners and outcasts of their environments. Think of folks like Eric Harris and Dylan Clebold. Or James Holmes. Or Adam Lanza. Or George Sodini.

What you are looking at when you often see these shootings go down are marginalized, bottom feeder individuals acting out. Individuals who were victims of their own personal helplessness, their inability enforce personal boundaries towards individuals disrespecting them, mental illnesses, and their failure to integrate and find a sense of belonging in some niche. These victims finally snap and become the cowardly villain for a sick sense of glory by seeking violent revenge on both those that wronged them and innocent bystanders.

Possible Solutions to School Shootings

How can we prevent such cases of happening? Well it’s not the fault of guns and their availability. Stay tuned for part two of this post which outlines a few solutions I have towards curbing school shootings without infringing upon second amendment rights.

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