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Shiny Red Button Media: Year One

Well folks, it has been one year since I launched this blog. 365 days. Back in the early days it was still called Books on Deck. But now Books on Deck has evolved into Shiny Red Button Media. I’ve learned a lot of about writing and blogging and have grown a lot as a writer for having things up for you at least a couple times a month. I would give a teary eyed speech, but instead, I’ll give you guys a run down of the top 10 posts that I have written in the past year. Hope you enjoy! And here’s to many more years of Shiny Red Button Media! Huzzah!

Shiny Red Button Media: Year One

Only the top shelf for you guys!

10. In Defense of Spectator Sports: “Spectator sports. For better or for worse, have existed for a long time. Civilizations for many centuries have rocked their jollies off of the  ‘US vs. Them’ frenzy as a form of entertainment and escapism. One can say it’s human nature’s throwback to our tribal origins.”

9. A Review on Women by Charles Bukowski: “After three months of slowly reading his classic work, I finished it in it’s entirety. And I can say that I was pretty impressed. Charles Bukowski paints a narrative that quietly gets you. Or at least it did for me. The books follows the character Hank Chinaski, an alcoholic 50-something writer. A man that sleeps through noon, and writes for a living. And oh, he bangs different women from time to time. More like the whole book.”

8. That Whole Cosplay Thing: “It’s kinda sad that we live in a world where we need to spell out basic common sense of not violating others, or photographing them without their permission. Women and attendees that get harmed have my full blessing and support in punishing perpetrators and receiving justice for themselves. But I will say one thing….”

7. Why Zoolander Was the Last Nineties Film: Zoolander was one of the best movie of the aughts. Dare I say it, it was the last nineties film. Quite a bold claim eh? But not for the reasons that you would think. Like The Big Lebowski’s ‘pissed-on rug’ was able to tie things together, The movie ‘Zoolander‘ really tied the nineties together.

6. The Private Lives of Politicians: “Does it really matter that the mayor of Toronto smokes crack in his drunken stupors, granted he does his job right? It’s all about selling a story. Which candidate is more of a family man or woman? Has Elizabeth Warren or Chris Christie ever experimented with dope during their college days? Is my candidate of choice the better wife fucker than the other loser?”

5. Americans Won’t Revolt Anytime Soon: “Unfortunately, I don’t see Americans in the United States getting angry to the point that they revolt anytime soon. The brunt of it is because of America’s hyper-individualistic culture. But there is also a bit more at play as well too….”

4. Anecdotal Fallacy and Conversation Killers: “The cardinal sin that I see committed on the internet is the ‘Anecdotal Fallacy.‘ The happens most frequently when people bring up their personal anecdotes to discount a trend or observation that the original poster (OP) made in a message board, comment thread, or Reddit itself. And as a result, what I notice on the internet when discussions and trends are being brought up is that people’s often well sourced observations are viciously attacked and falsely treated sweeping generalizations.”

3. Leadership and the acceptance of Sub-Cultures: “For example, if someone in our social circle breaks from the mold in subtle and overt ways, it starts to hit close to home. Though normally, we’ll just dismiss them as having loss their mind, and if it gets bad enough in most situations, we stop hanging out with them. But what if we decide to go with this ‘ostracized’ person’s viewpoint, when we are already within an accepted group?”

2. Ad-Homiem Attacks are a Feature, Not a bug of Humankind: “Ad hominem attacks, even as we age often continue. Even amongst people who consider themselves ‘mature adults.’ Why? Because getting personal as we’ve learned in grade school usually works, and disarms a lot of people. It’s like a metaphorical kick in the balls if you will. It gets the person down, but in the cheapest, most cowardly way possible.”

1. The Kanye West Principle: Perhaps unabashedly believing in yourself and and strutting your stuff can be a powerful means to an end towards making it and thriving in the world of arts, sports and entertainment.”

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