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Ways to Prevent School Shootings

If you didn’t read the first part of the post, please do so. The second part here will deal with a few proposed solutions that I have to curbing school shooting and mass murders. Part three will conclude this piece by outline another popular and visible culprit and how to quell it. School Shootings: Addressing […]

School Shootings: The Usual Suspects

Do You Remember Where You Were During the Columbine School Shootings? Do you remember where you where during the sorrowful day of the Columbine school shootings? As for me, I was a typical 10 year old enjoying my April Patriots Week vacation (Massholes know this time of year all too well) and playing WWF Warzone […]

On Hate Watching Media

As I’ve mentioned before, I am pretty indiscriminate reader and media consumer. This does not mean that I am gullible and naive enough to believe everything and not question things. I’ve always prided myself on always questioning authority and paradigms since a very young age. But I’ve been in on a phenomena I’m sure a […]

Shiny Red Button Media: Year One

Well folks, it has been one year since I launched this blog. 365 days. Back in the early days it was still called Books on Deck. But now Books on Deck has evolved into Shiny Red Button Media. I’ve learned a lot of about writing and blogging and have grown a lot as a writer […]

A Review of Bukowski’s Post Office

Bukowski’s Post Office Let me just start out by saying that I wasn’t that impressed with Bukowski’s Post Office. Bukowski’s Women, was a much better book in my opinion. Bukowski’s Post Office was basically about Hank Chianski’s misadventures prior to the book Women. Bukowski as usual, plays the same alcoholic slacker and womanizer we all […]

Thoughts on Anime Boston 2014

Anime Boston 2014: My Two Day Recap As I mentioned previously, I have acquired a Press Pass to cover Anime Boston 2014. This has been an event that I have always  wanted to check out. I’m glad that I got around to it this time around. I can’t wait to attend Anime Boston 2015 next […]