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The DIY Generation

Consider this Part 2 of my In Defense of Millennials series. Kids these days are so goddamn lazy and ignorant. They don’t even know how to change a tire. They can’t read a fucking map without their damn smartphones. They can’t balance a check book, and they always call handymen for basic home repairs. They’re useless, […]

Anecdotal Fallacy and Conversation Killers

Look, I’m not someone that’s afraid of ambiguity and nuance. I’ve been a lurker of the internet for quite sometime, closing in on well over a decade and a half. I know all about the major internet fallacies that come with the culture of the web. But sometimes I can’t help but be frustrated by […]

The Private Lives of Politicians

First one of 2014. Hope your New Year is starting off great! The Private Lives of Politicians Once upon a time, America has a president called FDR who many consider to one of the most prolific and influential leaders of all time. For the four terms he was elected as president, the American public was […]