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If I were the President

If I were the President The above video is a Wyclef Jean song about what he would if he was president. This is a below manifesto of what I would do if I was the president…. Russell Brand wants to start a revolution. I completely agree with him. If the powers that be were ousted, […]

The Nostalgia Factor: Part 1

If she watched Toy Story on Blu-Ray, she’s too young for you bro! If TLC is just a channel to her, she’s too young for you bro! If she didn’t remember why the Stoop Kid was afraid to leave his stoop, she’s too young for you bro! If she doesn’t know who likes orange soda, […]

In Defense of Spectator Sports

On Spectator Sports Spectator sports. For better or for worse, have existed for a long time. Civilizations for many centuries have rocked their jollies off of the  ‘US vs. Them’ frenzy as a form of entertainment and escapism. One can say it’s human nature’s throwback to our tribal origins. Take me for example. Although I […]