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Leaders and Subcultures

The above gem is a video narrated one of the bloggers in my blog roll, Derek Sivers. You’re probably wondering why I am linking to what seems like a hippies jiving at some concert. But there is a lot more that meets the eye in this clip. Initially you see a lone guy dancing within […]

In Defense of Being Offensive

This video is a good wrap up from all the other posts that I have made relating to free speech, enjoy.

Internet Trolls go after Lindy West

If you haven’t checked out the first part of my post, check it out here. Comedian Jim Norton and Jezebel columnist Lindy West debated over whether or not sensitive topics like rape should be off limits for comedians to joke about. Although I don’t believe that comedians should ever be restricted or stifled in their […]

Jim Norton vs Lindy West

Jim Norton vs. Lindy West This video has been making numerous rounds across circles on the internet. For fans of satirical shows like South Park, Family Guy, and hell, The Colbert Report, you’re already familiar with the fact that almost nothing is off limits for the writers of these shows. Many of these shows tackle […]

Excerise your Rights

Shhh… If they know what’s up, they stay easy to manipulate and indoctrinate…… On a post that I wrote earlier, I wrote about how schools are killing our creativity and chance to think for ourselves. Public schools in many cases often force a one size fits all formula, and emphasize a strong obedience to authority. […]